Flagship Brews

Seasonal Brews


This summer brew is something you can enjoy after tarring your roof.  Spicy yet refreshing with Saaz Hops from the Czech Republic. Rumor has it the Rooftop will be seen as soon as March in Mansfield, Ohio.

ABV:4.8%   IBU: 37


Juan Doe “Not so” American Wheat

Juan is the southern cousin of John, but he incorporates zested lime. Ole' You can find him hanging out at the PBC around the 5th of May and a little beyond.

ABV: 4.8%   IBU 14



Brewed with Bavarian Lager yeast, the PBC Oktoberfest is rich with a slightly sweet and malty character and a clean finish. Available September and October.

ABV:  5.2%  IBU: 24


In many cultures, the serpent has been referred to as a cousin or friend of the Phoenix.  Come experience the German Adalinda hefeweizen with its spicy notes of clove and hints of banana.  The Adalinda will be visiting late summer and early fall. 

ABV:5.0%   IBU:13

Jane Doe American Wheat

Jane is a lot like John,  but incorporating Pure Raspberry. She is a favorite among the crew for her refreshing flavor. She typically hangs around June until September.

ABV: 4.8%   IBU: 14


Surly Gnome Winter Warmer

A Winter Warmer with honey and Holiday spices sure to lift your spirits. This surly brew is available from November through February. If the gnome sees his shadow, in February, you may get to visit with him an extra few weeks.

ABV: 7.5%   IBU: 27


Red’s Irish Stout

Why do they call It Red’s Irish Stout? Maybe because Red is Irish. This dry stout is available from March through April.

ABV: 4.5%   IBU: 31


Belgian Golden Ale

There were a lot of us who wanted to name this tasty brew the BananaHammock Ale, but alas there were some objections. Available January Through May.

ABV:6.5%   IBU:34


Cemetery Series: 

High Gravity Darker Brews 8% and above

Black Aggie Russian Imperial Stout

The Aggie is deceivingly wicked. This Russian Imperial Stout will cradle you with notes of chocolate, coffee and dark fruits hidden in hops and roasted malts without making you feel her curse in the morning. 

ABV: 10%   IBU: 82


Mary Jane Chai Baltic Imperial Porter

Local legends and rumors swirl about Mary Jane. Some  say she was a witch, while others say she was an Indian herbalist. Either way, let the earthy concoction of Chai spices inspired by Mary Jane  blended with an Imperial Baltic Porter help you decide which legend is true.

ABV 9%   IBU 35

Santa Muerte Spiced Imperial    Chocolate Stout:

The Santa Muerte spiced sweet stout uses a blend of chile peppers, Vanilla beans, Cocoa nibs and other spices to deliver you south of the border. 

ABV: 9.0%   IBU 28.5