OKTO POSTER 2018 finallll PONY.jpg

2 pM: Oktoberfest toast and Firkin Tapping

Kick off the Oktoberfest celebration with our annual toast and new this year specialty Firkin Tapping at 2 pm.

3 pm: stein hoist

Are you lifting growlers to get ready for the Stein Hoist? The Stein Hoist begins at 3 pm with the ladies followed immediately by the men.  


4-7 pm: north coast polka band

.Enjoy authentic and amazing polka music from 4 pm to 7 pm from the North Coast Mix polka band. 

7 pm: Pretzel Necklace Competition

Pretzel necklaces are an important part of every Oktoberfest celebration, whether your pretzel necklace is for carbo-loading, sharing, or looking fancy. 

22 Taps

Tap list will be released soon