Meet Ryan...


Chances are, if you have been in the taproom any time since July of 2016, you have already met our outgoing tap technician, Ryan Nichols. Ryan is most known for his huge love of Vinyl, Classic Rock, and his long curly hair. 

Job Title: Tap Technician, Cellarman Understudy, and Brewery Model

What exactly do you do at the Phoenix? "I am a tap-technician and cellerman understudy at the Phoenix. I love the people I meet tending bar and helping them pick out the right beer or try new ones. Behind the scenes I am learning a lot about some of the important brewery duties and cellerman expectations, like filling kegs, maintenance, etc. And I love the beer too." 

Which Phoenix beer would you put on tap all year long? "The Black Aggie Russian Imperial Stout"


What Non-Phoenix beer would you love to see as a guest tap? "Batch 18 from Nowhere in Particular Brewing." 

Please explain the hair... "It's gorgeous, what do you mean? Last year I participated in St. Baldrick's head-shaving. People take donations to shave their heads and the money raised goes towards childhood cancer research. I raised a little over $1200 to shave my head and an additional $700 at the event to shave my beard. I have been growing it out ever since then so I can do it again this year. I have been collecting donations in person and also online.   My goal this year is $5,000."

What was the worst part of shaving your head? It was cold, but worth it. I am doing it again.

What else do you do outside of the Phoenix? "I love to hike, and in the summer I also have a small lawn care maintenance business." 

Your house is burning down...what is the one item you save? "My Vinyl collection, or if I can only take one item, my PlayStation." 

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