Meet Jim...

Tap technicians or beertenders, must posses a few important qualities.. They must have a  strong knowledge of beer, enjoy tasting and learning about beer, and have excellent customer service skills. And in Ohio, being a Buckeye fan is almost a requirement. Jim has all of the necessary qualities of a fantastic tap technician, except for one. He's not a fan of the Scarlet and Gray.

PHX Position: Tap Technician

What do you do at the Phoenix? I am a tap technician.  I serve beer, discuss beer, and also provide customers something good to look at, me. My favorite part  is introducing craft beer to people.

What was your first experience with craft beer? I went to a Beerfest in Cincinnati and I never looked back.

What makes you different from your fellow tap-technicians? I am the only PHX Founders Club member and tap technician.  When the opportunity arose to join the Founders Club, I took it. When I learned they were looking for another tap tech, I asked to be considered.  Thankfully they didn’t hold my Michigan fandom against me.”

What do you reach for on tap at the PHX? The Ferryman Oatmeal Milk Stout

You are at dinner and the PHX F-Man is not available, what do you order? New Belgium’s Citradelic IPA.

What do you think customer say about you? He is a Michigan Fan!? Why is he a Michigan fan!? That guy is alright, for a Michigan fan.

Outside of the Phoenix, what do you do?  I work for Cline Fire, a local fire protection company. I also enjoy golf and I brew beer at home.

Your house is burning down, what is the one item you grab? My Wife