I’m not sure if these dogs are the coolest in Richland County, but they are definitely the coolest at the Phoenix.

When we were asked to help the Kiwanis Club of Mansfield with their legacy project to celebrate their 100 years of service, we were honored and super excited!. There isn’t much of anything better than dogs, beer, and helping the community in our opinion and this project combines all three. “The Coolest Dog of Richland County” opened on March 14th and ends Friday 26th. The club’s goal is to raise over $50,000 to use towards a mini-bus for the Friendly House to assist in transporting children for after school and summer programs. Anyone can nominate a pup from the area. Nominations include a $10 entry fee which includes 10 votes and additional votes are only $1. Voting is easy, simply head HERE to check out all the dogs who have been nominated so far and cast your vote. Our brewers are pumped to design a beer around the first place hound and there are tons of other prizes available to all the top dogs. And apparently a lot of people agree. The Kiwanis Club has already raised over $10,000 towards the mini-bus.

Check out the dogs from the Phoenix. we think they are pretty cool, like their owners, Maybe even the coolest in Richland County.

sela 2.jpg

Meet SELI:

Hi, I'm Seli, a silver lab/weimaraner mix! I love spending time with my pet parents outside helping with yardwork or chasing one of my MANY toys (which I am a hoarder of). I am an expert nap-taker as well and can often be found with my head on a pillow, just like a people! I have seasonal allergies for which I have to take a pill and vitamins everyday wrapped in my favorite snack, CHEESE!  My best friend is my pink monkey toy which came with me when my parents adopted me. I guess my cat brothers, Tater & Squirt are my friends too - they enjoy cuddling & playing with me. Unlike many of my dog friends, I don't like car rides but I do love to swim! The social anxiety I had when I was younger is mostly gone and now I don't mind meeting new people! #VoteSeli

Reece is a Therapy Dog at Ontario Schools! As you can see from her picture she just had a birthday and turned 8! Reece has brought joy to her classroom as well as the school. She is actually in the STAFF DIRECTORY with a picture from picture day. She loves her job and works very hard every day. She is the most gentle soul with energy of a puppy. She loves her family, bubbles, and french fries. You can see her walking the halls of Ontario schools while carrying her toy sloth. If you ever see her offer some love and belly rubs!



While Pepe may appear shy and docile, he is the world's best guard dog protecting his humans from the dastardly chipmunks, squirrels, and the mailman. Pepe is not a fan of large crowds, preferring to relax at home with his pack. He does have a love for IPAs and sneaks sips whenever he can. This senior chihuahua enjoys lounging in the sun, sitting by his personal space heater, burrowing under blankets, and chasing the occasional skunk, usually with horrible results.



Hallo. I am Paisley Perk. I love to play hide and seek with my hoo-mans hiding shoes, socks, even the remote, usually in my bed. I am an expert cuddler. And I am a fierce fisher-dog. I would have caught that fish last time if I hadn't fallen in the pond. I enjoy sneaking sips of my hoo-mans coffee when they are not looking. I can't understand why they won't share something so delicious with me. I love jumping and climbing and naps in the sun and snacks. all of them.

After voting, mark your calendars for June 15th and a very special release day for the winning dog’s beer including a dog adoption event.

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