Resurrecting Tradition, One Batch at a Time.


Founded by local beer enthusiasts looking to bring a craft beer revival to Mansfield, The Phoenix Brewing Company took flight in April 2014 after they discovered the abandoned Schroer Funeral Home and Mortuary near the original pre-prohibition brewery district. The partners have combined their love of craft beer and over 30 years of brewing experience to create an authentic pub experience filled with quality craft beer and live music. The beers are inspired by the history of the building itself and local legends from the Mansfield area. They brew three times a week on 5 barrel brewing system creating 150 gallon batches using sustainable practices.  The 16 tap line up includes six flagship beers, rotating seasonal beers and selections from two high gravity series. Other Ohio craft brews are also offered along with cider, a selection of fine wines from local winery Cypress Hill and spirits from Ohio distilleries. Food trucks are available seasonally but patrons may also order food items from the  local pizzeria or bring in carry out. Live entertainment is booked for weekends and carryout growlers and howlers of Phoenix brews are available.



The brewery is located in the former Schroer Mortuary and Funeral Home at 131 North Diamond Street. Charles Schroer already had a very successful furniture business in Mansfield, Ohio when he opened the Schroer Mortuary and Funeral Home in 1914. It was common then for the furniture or cabinet makers to also build the caskets for a community.The mortuary and funeral home were a natural progression of his business and were in operation until 1932 with the death of Charles Schroer Jr.

The Schroer building had a hand operated elevator to reach all three levels and was the first fireproof building in Mansfield. Today, the former embalming and prep area in the lower level now houses the PBC brew equipment and cold storage. The first floor used originally as as the chapel is now a beautifully renovated taproom. The casket elevator has been converted into storage and HVAC equipment.

Eco-Friendly Restoration 

Whenever possible, items were recycled and repurposed during the renovation. The original windows were refinished and retained for their beauty and natural light. The tabletops were salvaged from a local bowling alley and donated from an area couple when they learned of the brewery opening. The back bar was housed most recently in the studio of a local artist after hopping through many downtown businesses over the last 85 years.  Some of the flight paddles were created from the salvaged wood in the casket elevator deconstruction. Originally, the walls were covered with hand-troweled plaster which was removed by hand to celebrate the original look of the building. At the same time as the PBC renovation, the Allstate building in Mansfield was also undergoing a restoration. Lights were salvaged from that building, refurbished and and reinstalled in the PBC. Patrons can enjoy their beverages inside or out using the adjoining brick patio with over 5,000 reclaimed Century street pavers salvaged from Cleveland. 

Brew Crew



Duncan has been brewing since 1999 while moonlighting as a chemist. He received his BS in Environmental Science from BGSU. He likes grilled cheese sandwiches and Ford trucks, and his favorite beer styles are Ales and Lagers.



Not only does Scott sport the best beard in the bunch, he manages the tap room and also has an amazing ear for musical talent, bringing in some of the best musical acts from the tri-state area. Scott is also the mix master in the house creating some amazing blended beers. Scott has been brewing since 2009. His favorite beer styles are Belgians and IPAs.



Steve, also known as Zig, is the assistant manager and also our technology coordinator. Zig moonlights as the President of the Mansfield Playhouse. He has been brewing since 2008, and his favorite beer styles are IPAs, Witbiers, and Hefeweizens.


Tap Technicians



Red works on the Arts and Craft (beer) side of the brewery, creating swag for the tap room and giving tours. She likes to sculpt creepy little creatures, obsesses about her coffee and her favorite beverages include Stouts, IPA’s and of course “Red” Ales.



Ian is our first mate when it comes to beer, but is also serving in the role of brewery understudy, helping out with brewing, sanitizing equipment, and serving delicious  beers.  Ian is learning to do it all! Ian’s favorite beer style is cold... and ladies, he is no longer single.


A member of the PBC tap technician crew and also an understudy in the brewery, Corey loves serving  brews with a smile. Corey moonlights as a paramedic for a local fire department. When asked about his favorite brews, he said “Yeah, I like IPA’s”


Mysterious is one way to describe Margot, elegant, beautiful and rock solid knowledgeable about beer would be others. In addition to being a beer goddess, Margot is also Scott’s muse. Liking to keep things local, her favorite beer is the 419.


Stephanie has been a tap technician since July 2015. She has only recently discovered the craft beer world but with Scott as her older brother, she has picked up quickly and is happy to help you get started in your first craft beer tasting experience. While Stephanie usually prefers the tall drink of John Doe , she also enjoys the many seasonal craft beers with Santa Muerte and Orange eyes being among her favorites. 


Andy is kind of shy, he doesn't like to brag about himself, so we will.  In addition to being a fine tap technician and brewery attendant, he is also a firefighter in Mansfield. When he isn't busy putting out all kinds of flames, you can find him enjoying a cold  pint of ESB. 




Erika's busy life is filled with long hours studying for nursing school and working at the brewery. She enjoys hefeweizens and stouts


siera 4.jpg


Siera finds her passion in agriculture, community and family. At her day job she assists in running a state park but her hobby finds her here at the brewery. She enjoys stouts, especially the Ferryman. 



.Not only is Brad a talented Tap Technician, he is also a hospitality expert. You can find Brad pouring perfected pints and creating a warm environment.


.Dakota is our first intern. With a passion for craft beer, he plans on taking his experience from the PBC into a beverage distribution position after graduating from AU. His favorite styles are porters, stouts and anything that goes well with a cold slice of pizza.



While he is not known for his speedy service, he is sure to bring a smile